About Us

Scarletter - Leave a Mark! logo and slogan 

We are a bunch of creative visual artists, eager to turn amazing ideas into trendy, cool designs ready to wear and to brag about! Each item from our collections has its own story that makes them unique: we want to offer you a full-immersion experience every time you wear one of our t-shirts or you enjoy your favorite drink from a mug with the Scarletter logo.

We take our inspiration from the latest trends, but our creations are 100% original because our style is unique. We put together our skills, passion and imagination in order to design custom t-shirts, original mugs and many other cool gifts, all created to bring you joy!

Over the years we have experimented with various creative techniques, from traditional drawing to digital media, and we have become professional in Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel and a bit of After Effects. Of course, we did not forget how fascinating it is to paint with acrylics on the canvas or to get your fingers dirty with graphite while trying to sketch a portrait.

If you want to learn more about us, you are welcome to visit our other website: https://scarletter.ro/ or Contact Us here.

Be different, LEAVE A MARK!